Xmas around Europe

Xmas around Europe

In this time of the year we're eager to know about the traditions families around the world share when they are together at Xmas time. We would like to start a serie of little interviews with people of Europe telling us what they eat, read, sing and share. So, let's start and merry Christmas!



Peggy Juche



We are an international family of six. I am from Berlin, Germany and my husband from Paris, France. At the moment we live in the South of Sweden. Our children are Romy - she is 10 and was born in London, UK ; Antoine - he is 7 and was born in Amsterdam ; Leonor - she is 5 and was also born in Amsterdam and Josephine - she is 2 and was born here in Sweden.

I am the founder of Paul & Paula - a well known kids fashion & design blog that I started back in 2010. I am especially fond of small and new brands and love to discover new label.



Xmas Essentials


XMAS book

L'abécédaire de Noël

XMAS song

LAST CHRISTMAS by WHAM. The Christmas feeling only kicks in once I heard that song for the first time of the season...

XMAS ornament

The ones my kids made!

XMAS food

Oh well, no real traditions here I am afraid. I love to prepare things that I never made before and the same goes for Christmas. The only thing that I cannot miss is some red cabbage. 

Tradition as a child

Church in the afternoon of the 24th. So my mum could put the presents under the tree.

Tradition as a parent

No more church haha. We celebrate Nikolaus on the 6th. The kids need to clean their shoes on the evening of the 5th and then they put them in front of the door for Nikolaus who brings a little present during the night.


Xmas around Europe II

Xmas around Europe II

Los Ramones también fueron niños

Los Ramones también fueron niños