Xmas around Europe VI

Xmas around Europe VI

In this time of the year we're eager to know about the traditions families around the world share when they are together at Xmas time. We would like to start a serie of little interviews with people of Europe telling us what they eat, read, sing and share. So, let's start and merry Christmas!



Marianna Pileggi



My name is Marianna, mother of Matte (5 years old) and wife of Simone, architect with a passion for the cars.

I have a degree in architecture, after working for years in a studio overlooking the amazing Milan’s navigli, I decide to think to my family and to the precious time to dedicate to it, getting closer to home.

I found a job in a local school (for a few hours a day), and I commit myself to graphics and photography (two of my great passions), I plunge into the enchanted wold of being a mother: I breastfeed Matteo for a long time, in spite of a world that did not understand, only criticize. On my part, anyway, I savoured every instant of those moments, every single gaze.

Now I surround myself of simplicity and beauty…

I love walking through the wood, I adore my lake (lake Como), and nature and all its seasons, mountain lodges, children’s books. I love having flowers on my table, the smell of “Amber&moss” in the ambient, the irresistible fragrance of PF candle.



Xmas Essentials


XMAS book

Santa's Littlest Helper - Anu Stohner Henrike Wilson, Bloomsbury

Olli’es Christmas Reindeer - Nicola Killen, Simon&Schuster

Pick a pine tree - Patricia Toht illustrations by  Jarvis Emm, Candlewick

XMAS song

Buon Natale_Enzo Iacchetti, Mina, Lucio Dalla, Claudio Baglioni, Enrico Ruggeri, Roberto Vecchioni

All I want for Christmas Is You_Mariah Carey

Feliz Navidad_Josè Feliciano

XMAS ornament

At home, every year, we decorate the Christmas tree with linen cream-coloure hearts and with vintage Christmas baubles. We finish with a small white Christmas lights. 

On the balcony, inside iron lanterns, we light white candles

On the door, a simple wreath with branches taken from the woods.

On the table, a glass vase with eucalyptus leaves, white branches and red berries

Essential: the china mug for the dreamers on the woods (by @Giovelab), the ceramic donkey and pine (by @mvceramicdesign)

On the sofa, the reindeer by Maileig  (@mailegworld) to hug any time. 

 This year’s Advent calendar is special: it is the “Nativity” by Meri Meri 

XMAS food

I don’t spend too much time in the kitchen… my dishes are really simple: nothing unique, nothing cherished. At Christmas time, usually are the grandmothers to prepare the lunch… I admit I have recently discovered an amazing panettone to savour with my breakfast tea: I am talking of “Panettone per due”, an artisan panettone from Pavè Milano. Delicious and with an amazing packaging.

Tradition as a child/parent

On Christmas eve, we go to the children’s mass. Simone, my husband, plays along the children’s choir. Everything is magic. When we go back home, it’s time to prepare carrots for the reindeer and milk&cookies for Santa, who will be tired from the long travelling, and can find in our home food and rest

On Christmas morning, Matteo wakes up, takes his presents, the letter that Santa leaves for him and runs into our bed. He then opens the gift with thrill. 

Christmas day is spent with our family: grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins… we have lunch together, with the fireplace, the smell of burning wood and the delicious flavours of the food. In an atmosphere of joy and emotions.


Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Xmas around Europe V

Xmas around Europe V