Bobo Choses Woman Collection

Bobo Choses Woman Collection

Four women, four families, four countries, different cultures, different languages... Here are some pictures and questions for you that compare the differences and similarities in our daily lives, with one thing in common, all of them love Bobo Choses and their new Bobo Choses Women Collection.


At home there is always ... fruit.

At the weekend... we use to go to the beach when it's in summer.

How do you start in the morning? I prepare a hot lemonade

Before going to sleep... I read a story to my son in bed.

Do you have any particular tradition? Anything you have invented in your family. The birthday boy/girl choose the whole menu this special day.

Aki and her family


Aki Ishuzuka, clothes designer / Koko 16 , Niko 13 , Ririko 11 , Nagi 6 / Barcelona.

Photography by Latibule Studio.

At home there is always…mess created by children. Toys, books, crayons everywhere. I call it- happy mess.

In the weekend, we…either go for a walk , visit a museum or a market. Sometimes we have lunch out.

How do you start in the morning? I love mornings!! I wake up first, have                     my morning coffee and check my emails. It’s nice to have a quiet moment before the morning chaos starts, then the rest of the family wake up. We have breakfast and then walk to school. Rabih takes the train to work.

Before going to sleep…. There is always time for a bedtime story then cuddles and kisses. I tell the girls that I love them and that I’m proud of them, every night.

Do you have any particular tradition? Anything you have invented in your family. On Sunday afternoons we all sit and watch a family film together.

Muna and her family


Muna Arzouni, full time mama / Shahad 14 / Hind 7 / London.

Photography by Michelle Marshal and Muna


At home there is always...noise and mess!

At the weekend we use to...Every weekend we go to church, other than that, the weekend activities vary. There's usually some housework involved, but that's every day! 

How do you start in the morning...I usually let the kids wake up on their own. They generally sleep until 8 or so. Then they have breakfast, dress, maybe do some picking up while I attend to emails and other work on my end, and then we start schoolwork. 

Before going to sleep... We don't have any grand bedtime routine at our house. Basically I just make sure they brush their teeth, pee, and turn off all unnecessary lights ;)   We do all say goodnight to one another, give hugs and kisses and "I love yous". My eight year old and five year old still sleep in our room every night, and Enid (eight year old) has gotten accustomed to our watching The West Wing, so that's something she insists on every night, which is pretty funny. 

Any particular traditions... Enid has started a tradition called "Secret Circle". When she's done something that is eating away at her conscience, she'll say, "Let's have Secret Circle."  Secret Circle is when we all get together in my bedroom and sit in a circle, obviously, then each shares a secret, for which there can be no consequence or punishment. Enid is such a rule follower. She's not one to hide anything, which I can't say for her brothers! But it has been a great way for us to connect and be able to share. Other than that, in the spring and fall, I love for us to all gather on the front porch after dinner. The kids run and play while Heath (my husband) and I sit in the swing. It is and always will be some of my favorite time we share together. 

Hannah and her family


Hannah Carpenter, illustrator / Tristin 14, Silas 10, Enid 8, Tom 5 / Little Rock.

Photography by Hannah Carpenter

At home there is always... At home there is always books, pencils for making drawings, a cat to choke, a good wood fire.

At the weekend we use to... At the weekend, we use to do walks in the forest, to go climbing.

How do you start in the morning... I start always with a coffee

Before going to sleep... We read stories

Do you have any particular tradition? Anything you have invented in your family. Every friday night, we watch a old family movie. For the moment, their favorite film remains The Goonies

Charlotte and her family


Charlotte Huguet, stylist / Leonardo 9, Solal 7 / Fontainebleau's Forest.

Photography by Romain Ricard.

Cuidados para toda la familia

Cuidados para toda la familia

The Green School

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