Matildas lit kit

Matildas lit kit

Are you raising bilingual children? Having difficulties finding good English children's books? Do you want to build your children's book collection? Are you interested in a fun and creative way of learning English?

Who is behind Matildas lit kit?

Denise (@edqm), passionate about education, travelling, and books. I love books --it inspires me and sets my mood, especially those that are beautifully illustrated and meaningful. My dream is to make Matildas Lit Kit a lifestyle, and be part of every family's home.


Where does the idea of your project come from?

I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years now and so many things have changed in education. Ever since then, I notice that learning through play helps children better comprehend and understand new information. And we have to admit that learning goes beyond the 4 corners of the classroom; our home is a vital piece in our child's learning process. So around 2 years ago, I came up with an idea to put together a box with a selection of books, arts & crafts, and vocabulary words. The beautiful thing about Matildas Lit Kit is that it is not only for kids. It is a way to practice English with the whole family and have fun together at the same time. Our goal is to develop the love for reading at an early age, spark imagination & creativity through the arts & crafts in each box, and of course enrich vocabulary. We do this is in the most personalised way. For instance, aside from our main Instagram account @matildaslitkit, we have a special Instagram account where parents can look up the pronunciation and Spanish translation of the words of each month. It is quite a story how this came about: I was teaching English back in 2016. I always tell the parents of my children to message me if they need help --anytime or any day. So there’s this Mum who loves sending me vocabulary words her child is learning at school and I respond with the pronunciations through WhatsApp’s Voice Message. I remember one time I was at the airport waiting for my plane to France and she sent me more than 20 words to pronounce while I was boarding the plane! Imagine how fun that was. To be honest, I don’t mind because I love what I’m doing and I’m glad to help. That actually inspired me to include vocabulary cards in every box, and publish the pronunciations and translations on Instagram. Vocabulary enrichment is important in language acquisition and we would like to help create a habit of vocabulary building every month. 1 year 12 books 240+ words A thousand possibilities Limitless imagination

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Why should parents subscribe to Matildas? 

Are you raising bilingual children? Having difficulties finding good English children's books? Do you want to build your children's book collection? Are you interested in a fun and creative way of learning English? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then Matildas Lit Kit is right for you! One of our dreams is to create a community where reading brings families together, where learning a new language is enjoyed by everyone, and where creativity & imagination is part of our hearts. We want to help you build your English book collection and create meaningful family moments by sending you a monthly curation of beautifully illustrated books, teaching basic values, and creative projects. Also, our Little Ones Box is great for your babies because it contains books, which help them with their fine motor skills, develop their visual & listening skills. With all the technology that surrounds us we believe it is important to unplug sometimes --go back to basics. At the same time we hear from many parents that with their busy schedules, it can be a challenge to find the right activities to do with their children. So with our box we help them out. Creating those bonding moments are delivered right on your doorstep! Let’s raise readers together! Let’s surround our children with books and inspire them to read. It only takes 20 minutes a day to create a big impact on a child’s life.

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What can you find in one of your monthly boxes?

We have different themes every month and we curate our boxes around those themes. We have two boxes --our box for ages 4 to 8 and our Little Ones Box for ages 0 to 3. Our box perfect for ages 4-8 contains a book + creative projects + vocabulary card. All the materials you need for each month’s activities and inspirations are included in the box --tempera paint, oil pastels, modelling clay, stencils, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, markers, masks and many more. And of course the vocabulary words on our Instagram account. I designed a program to faithfully choose our vocabulary words --to avoid repetition and to see patterns. You can also find 10 blank cards for you to write new words you learned or would like to learn. Our Little Ones Box perfect for ages 0-3 contains 3 board books perfect for those tiny hands. We include touch and feel books to help develop your child's fine motor skills and sound books to expose them to different sounds/music. Board books are great because it's easy for your babies to hold and manipulate. We also include a card, which is designed based on your box's theme. You can use it to document activities you did that month --glue a photo of you and your child reading, and write down memories or new words they learned.

Many parents are worried about their children learning Englixh. Would you like to give them any advice?

My advice is to expose your children to the language through print and media.

1. Watch films in English You get to know the culture and learn expressions.

2. Listen to songs and try to sing along with it! It’s really good for your pronunciation. I’ve noticed that Spanish people who loves songs and singing have a really good pronunciation!

3. Read in English And of course, READ, because it will help you understand concept, recognise words nd associate it to its pronunciatio, and widen your vocabular, which is fundamental in language acquisition. Make learning English fun, comforting, and an enjoyable activity. That's our mission!

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